The Smartphone Trail Map Revolution

These three Map views of Galbraith’s venerable Ridge Trail show how much trail mapping has evolved since the turn of the century: 2004 (left), 2009 (middle) and 2011 (right)

WELCOME TO the smartphone trail map revolution!

When created the world’s first online trail guide and maps 14 years ago, it was a huge leap forward to be able to download your trail guide and maps in digital form to your PC.

The blue dot shows you where you are on's geolocation-enabled trail maps!

The blue dot shows you where you are in 2014!

In 2001, we pioneered using icons to link the maps to the trail notes, pics and video — that’s what the little icons with “V”s, “S”s and “?”s are in the maps above — so that the maps served as the doorway or interface to all of‘s content.

Many leaps, jumps, hucks, drops and rollovers later in 2009, introduced the first Smartphone Edition of The Ultimate Galbraith Guide with lower bandwidth versions of the Maps for viewing on mobile.

And now in 2014, is being redesigned from the ground up exclusively for use on the trail with your smartphone. is now in the process of creating geolocation-enabled maps that use your phone’s GPS to show you where you are on the trail in real time!

We’re tremendously excited about this. It’s is a game changing feature for — as much as going online in the first place! Think about it. You can be standing somewhere in the woods with a map from a bike shop (or a friend or printed off the Internet) and still be COMPLETELY LOST because you don’t know where you are on the map.

Not any more with‘s trail maps! With on your smartphone, you don’t ever have to be lost again! Click this screenshot from the current beta to see the new Trail Maps map screenshot

Here’s a early 2014 screenshot taken on an Android smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy S3) with’s South Side Ride #2 Map. The pearly blue dot shows where the rider is on the trail in real time!